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​KITEKI -The Oneness- SAMPLE



​Mr. TBD 

A mediocre grim reaper. He has a serious personality and a temperament that prioritizes work, but he seems to have some feelings. He has been living for a thousand years.


A gatekeeper who protects the water source of the "Sands River" that connects the world with that world. Good at handling books. Self-proclaimed fairy.Full of humanity and always cheerful personality.


An ordinary human child born with grim reaper Mr. TBD. On his 10th birthday, he ends up meeting his partner, the reaper.​ Carefree and optimistic personality.


He is a reaper of curiosity, a lover of the mystical. He is a colleague of Mr. TBD. He is inquisitive, winsome, and single-minded. However, he is a sucker for angels, fluffy, something super cute things.


He is a human being who came to life with the reaper Luv. Botsu's best friend. He is dexterous and cautious, but he is also bold and always ends up getting involved in reckless adventures.


​A mysterious sparrow. It seems that Pierre is an old friend ...

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