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Yoru Moriyama is Tokyo based artist. Yoru means "Night", Moriyama means "mountain covered in forests" in Japanese. It's an actual family name. She started her creative activities as "Yoru Moriyama" in 2022. Yoru usual pursues abstract concepts such as the soul, the causal of dreams and reality, drawing them as a fantastic world. She is currently making a dark fantasy picture book and analogue game for people of all ages to enjoy.


Her work style is often to carry and travel artwork as the talisman. For this reason, She only draws original works up to "the amount that fits in the trunk." When some artwork leaves the trunk, she creates another new one and places it in the available space.​ Because for all the works of art in this world, she believes that "the artwork will sometimes have more abilities than the author intended, with miracle effect."

About the alias "Ayako Okubo" activity: She has published her essay comics since university and worked as a character designer for a national TV program for children.

After working for some companies, she became independent as an art director in 2016. In 2019, she founded NYX Co., Ltd., specialising in creative activities. Her representative work "KITEKI" is written and published as a comic book and stored in the Tokyo University Museum of Art. KITEKI is a short Japanese coined word that means "Mysterious, Bizarre and Miracle".​

SKILLS: Art Direction, Character Design, Communication Design, Concept work, VI, Logo-Design, Narrative Design, and Story Draft.



2006     Master of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts 

2004     Bachelor of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts


2004     International Takifuji Art Award Special Jury Prize

2004     Award for top students of Tokyo University of the Arts 

2003     The Ataka prize of Tokyo University of the Arts 

2000     Grand Prize, NOKIA Art Award_Asia Pacific 2000 


2004     Tokyo University Art Museum


2010     KITEKI -Soul Encyclopedia- / Comic book, Seirin Kogeisha

2005    KITEKI  -buoyage- / Comic book, Seirin Kogeisha

2004    KITEKI /Comic book, Seirin Kogeisha


2022     Lecturer of design seminar / Branding, Bunsei University of Art 

2018−2019     Lecturer of design seminar / Communication design, Bunsei University of Art


2009     A Blow to the Everyday" Curated by Yuko Hasegawa @ Osage Kwun tong, Hong Kong           

2008     "200∞ Featured Product Exhibition" @ 21_21 Design Sight, Tokyo, Japan 

2006     "C. U. L. T. U. R. E." Solo Exhibition @ Space Kobo & Tomo, Tokyo, Japan

2004     "Before you sleep ..." Solo Exhibition @ Space Kobo & Tomo, Tokyo, Japan




2009     "200∞ Featured Product" Exhibition @ 21_21 Design Sight 

2005-2008    "Tensai TV Kun MAX", Japan Broadcasting Corporation Education TV


2019     "TETRIS 99'' (Nintendo) / Art director

2017     "The way of Sushido" (Nintendo)  / Art director, character design,

             E3 promotion movie director

2012.    "Fire Emblem Awakening" (Nintendo) / Video production, concept art

2012.    "Dragon Quest X" (SQUARE ENIX) / Opening 3DCG video production


2018 V.A.『The Way of Sushido OP&ED - EP』 


2016     "TAMORI Club Let's carry a hand-held my 3D map!" TV Asahi

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