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What if grim reaper and human pair live and exist to complete an encyclopedia? It's a metaphysical fantasy in which they experience fate, reincarnation and cause and effect. 
KITEKI is a short Japanese coined word that means "Mysterious, Bizarre and Miracle".​
" KITEKI -The Oneness- "
  2010 / 420p / Seirinkogeisha / JP
  • ホワイトアマゾンアイコン
A comic collection of 22 short stories consisting of onomatopoeia. In addition, there are more than 40 unique pages with poems added to the photos taken. The subtitle "buoyage" is a coined word from "buoy" and "voyage". 
" KITEKI -buoyage- "
  2005 / 217p / Seirinkogeisha / JP 
  • ホワイトアマゾンアイコン
A cartoon diaries of a journey and fantasy drawn in a pocket size memo.This is a cartoon that the author went to her alma mater as a teacher and started drawing for communicate with her young juniors.​
The University Art Museum, Tokyo University of the Arts holds this book and related artworks.
  2004 / 223p / Seirinkogeisha / JP
  • ホワイトアマゾンアイコン
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