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Launch an artist career

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

Hi. My name is Yoru Moriyama, a Tokyo based. I have been renewing my name and devoted myself to creative activities and research as an artist since March 26, 2022.

1. Launch an artist career

To update me

I have another name.

(Before I introduce myself, I am very grateful to the readers and publishers who support my comic writing, the enthusiasts who buy my drawings, the users and clients who enjoy the games I have got involved in creating, and my friends and family! )

Formerly name known as " Ayako Okubo ", she published manga during her university studies and worked in the corporate world, mainly in design work; after becoming a freelancer in 2016, she continued to work with clients as a character designer and art director.

In particular, the work of character design, concept art, and art direction commissioned by the primary client, Nintendo, continued for nine years despite an external contract. With them, I learned the language and attitude toward cross-border creation. As a result, freelance work with Nintendo was the longest career I've worked with several companies.

During this time, I had the opportunity to get a new family, and now we jointly do research and art collecting. I also use my old name with my new one when speaking at educational institutions to avoid confusion.

A growing moon and a flowing tide

I was planning to focus on becoming an artist after gaining satisfactory work experience in an industry where I can utilise my art industry knowledge.

In 2009, curator Yuko Hasegawa commissioned me to create a massive mural in Hong Kong, and I participated in the exhibition. After that exhibition, I took a break from artist work and concentrated on client work.

And now, I am pleased that I have thus renewed my name and am ready to live in the present time with you and concentrate on creation and research.

26 Mar 2022.
Moriyama Yoru, Ayako Okubo

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